Frequently Asked Questions

Why LoudBlog on Air?

The basic idea behind LoudBlog has always been to promote good quality free music. We believe the most important partners in music business should be the musicians and the audience – but not record companies, whose only aim is profit. In accordance with this conviction, LoudBlog is a free software intended to offer aspiring young artists a platform to present themselves to a large, international audience by offering free audio content on the net.

Why should we upload our songs?

Because you will receive a free qualified feedback on your submissions and will reach a vast audience. Besides, if one of your songs will make it on our “Best of” CD compilation, you will be able to see your songs on a real-life audio disc. And who knows? This might be your first and most important step in becoming a rock star!

What will happen with our songs?

After your tracks have been stored on our servers, we will listen to every one of them and select the best submissions. These will be made available as free downloads on the LoudBlog on Air website and will also be published on a professionally produced CD (of course only if you agree).

What will happen with the audio CD?

We will sell it right here. Though it will also be possible to download the best songs for free, we are convinced that there are some people out there willing to support both our project and the participating musicians by buying a CD. Besides, it will surely will make you proud to own a professionally produced CD with your own music, won’t it? The disk will also be distributed among DJs and radio stations, so this might be the kick-start of an international career.

Will we get a a share of the CD sales?

The answer is yes! You will earn 20 Cents per CD sold. As we plan to press 1 000 CDs, you could receive up to $ 200. Apart from a share you will also get five CDs for free if your contribution is published on the disc.

What do we need to take part?

Well, songs of course ;-) You can take a look at our contribution page and submit up to three tracks along with some information on your work as artist(s). Note that you have to licence your work under a Creative-Common-License.