About us

Sebastian Steins

LoudBlog’s new head

Sebastian is currently self-employed with ONLINETRUST new media, offering his customers innovative web solutions.
He thus had ideal conditions to further promote the development of LoudBlog – his “pet project”, to which he dedicates a great deal of his free time.
Sebastian has a strong liking for intricate web apps and media on the net.

Michael Kirsch

Free music evangelist

Looking back on a wide experience with music professionals, Michael supports LoudBlog on Air with his ideas and concepts, while at the same time acting as a quality scout.
Michael is a self-employed marketing concept developer.

Frank Majewski

Programmer and DJ

Frank is an enthusiastic web developer with broad skills in state-of-the-art web technologies. He is a self-employed software engineer and supports LoudBlog on Air as a quality scout. Frank is also a professional DJ and therefore well trained to assess the quality of music presented to him.

Andreas Kuchem

Brand evangelist

Andreas is a self-employed designer/marketing concept developer working for both local and international clients. He contributes to LoudBlog on Air by creating sophisticated web aesthetics.


We are located in in Germany, close to the Netherlands' border, and share a common belief in free media content on the web. Needless to say, we also love good music.

Soon after Sebastian told us about his idea on founding LoudBlog on Air, we started working on this project in our spare time, focussing on free music and the establishment of artists aiming at a preofessional career.

We would especially like to thank Gerrit van Aaken for his outstanding developmental work for LoudBlog up to version 0.6.x!