Welcome to LoudBlog on air

Over the past years LoudBlog has established itself as the world’s leading standalone software for audio content publishing. Now LoudBlog gives you the opportunity to prove your skills to a worldwide audience.

With LoudBlog on Air we provide a new platform for high-quality free music that will go one step ahead in the direction of an own CD for ambitious musicians. The basic idea of LoudBlog on Air is to facilitate the access to high-quality free music for new and even more users by publishing “Best of” lists that will also be produced on CD. By sending us your demo material you can be a part of this project. All uploaded songs will undergo a process of assessment and selection, and the best tracks will then be made available as downloads on this site. To support our most talented artists we will also produce a CD that can be bought here, and that will be given out to DJs and radio stations. A share of every sold disk goes directly to those bands and musicians featured on this compilation. Additionally, all participants will receive a free qualified feedback in order to further develop their skills.

What are we doing here?

  • Collect free music
  • Share free music
  • Make a Compilation of YOUR music on Compact Disc