Updating Loudblog

Update from loudblog 0.1 to 0.2

  1. Replace everything in the “loudblog” folder with the new stuff – EXCEPT FOR THE “custom” FOLDER!!!
  2. Open “loudblog/updatefrom01.php” with the browser of your choice.
  3. Now login, go to settings tab, and activate some cool new features.

Activate commenting feature

  1. Go to http://loudblog.de/index.php?s=download
  2. Look for a “0.2”-template.
  3. Transfer this template-folder to “loudblog/custom/templates” on your server.
  4. Choose this template at the “settings” tab in your administration.
  5. And done!

Using cgi/perl for better uploading

Only useful if your server is able to execute cgi scripts.

  1. Locate the folder “loudblog/modules/cgi-bin”.
  2. Set permission “777” for this folder.
  3. Locate files “upload.cgi” and “download.cgi” within “cgi-bin”.
  4. Set permission “755” for these two files.
  5. That’s it.