Fetch audio files from web

This is by far the fastest and coolest method of getting audio into your system. It depends on three requirements:

  1. The desired audio file is located on the WWW and can be accessed via HTTP.
  2. Your PHP configuration allows to open and copy external files via HTTP.
  3. You have the right to re-publish this audio file on your own website.


The Loudblog developer is strictly against content stealing. But being a musician who has over six years of experience in spreading selfmade music over the web, I know that sometimes it is very useful to directly transfer audio files from one web server to another. It saves time and traffic. That is the only reason I’ve implemented this feature into Loudblog. It’s for all those Bands on “Garageband.com” and other portals who want to start their own Podcast without having to upload all the songs to their Loudblog-server again. Please, don’t abuse this feature!