The Flash Player

Users of your website will like the ability to simple push the play button!

This is one of the coolest features of Loudblog: The EMFF (Easy Musicplayer For Flash) by Marc Reichelt. No more weird QuicktimeWindowsMediaReal listening/downloading problems. Play audio right from the webpage where the production notes and links are.

How to design my own EMFF?

If you’re building your own template, of course you need a skinned Flash-Player that fits to the colors of your site layout. If you are familiar with Flash you may go to Marc’s Website, download the source .fla-file and do some skinning!

How to implement EMFF on my template?

Build your .swf-file as explained above. Then rename your file to emff.swf and put it into your template-folder. That’s it. You can now use the lb:flashplayer tag to put it onto screen. Don’t forget to define the width and height of your new player as it may differ from the default values now.

Don’t forget low-tech people

As not all users may have Flash installed on their browser, you should provide a link to the plain file, too. Use lb:link_audio for doing this.

Known bugs

Unfortunately Flash has still one big limitation: It does only play MP3 files. It does not play WAV, OGG, AAC, WMA and so on.

Furthermore we explored a bug in the Flash Technology: On some lower frequency rates Flash doubles the speed of your mp3 file. It sounds quite funny and may be appropiate for a kids’ podcast, but mostly this is simply annoying. Blame Macromedia for this, it has nothing to do with Marc’s implementation.