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January 17, 2008 – For more informaion read the Release Notes.



Flash Player Skins

Modify the flash player on your Loudblog powered website. Flash MX+ is required. Leave the folder structure untouched!


GR 0.5

by Gerrit van Aaken

Green Grass is beautiful – not only for golf and soccer podcasts ;-)

Demo | Download

Kubrick Template

Kubrick 0.5

by Michael Heilemann

The most successful Weblog-Template ever!

Demo | Download
Amsterdam Nights

Amsterdam Nights 0.5

by Oliver Roick

Cool Dropshadows.

Demo | Download

britney 0.5

by Gerrit van Aaken

Britney is the pink variant of the default template.

Demo | Download

leuko 0.5

by Gerrit van Aaken

Leuko is the skin colored variant of the default template.

Demo | Download

clerk 0.5

by Gerrit van Aaken

Clerk is the grey variant of the default template.

Demo | Download

lotion 0.5

by Gerrit van Aaken

Lotion is the baby blue variant of the default template.

Demo | Download

default 0.5

by Gerrit van Aaken

A clean and reduced template with basic functionality.

Demo | Download
red train

Red Train 0.5

by Vladimir Simovic

Cool and relaxed lounge layout in dark red.

Demo | Download
Template Inx

INX 0.5

by Alexandra Labudda

Slim, clean, gorgeous.

Demo | Download


ruby 0.5

by Alexandra Labudda

Colorful and friendly! Needs to be customized and personalized.

Demo | Download



Generates a list of bookmarks from – supporting tags and usernames.

The engine is based on the furious Magpie RSS script, which comes bundled with Loudblog, so you don’t have to worry about installing it.


Full Example

<lb:delicious username="g_threepwood" tag="firefox" number="7" />

Returns an unordered list of the last 7 bookmarks by “g_threepwood”, which are tagged with “firefox”.



The name of the If you don’t assign this attribute, the plugin will return bookmarks from all users at


Only show bookmarks tagged with with this attributes value. May be combined with the “username”-attribute, but can left alone, too. Try tag=”loudblog”


The name says it all: Limit the list to the number of items you assign here. Default value is 10.


If the plugin fetches data from for the very first time, it shows an ugly error message. This is due to a little bug at storing the cache file. Just reload the page and everything will be fine!

Notice 2

If you want to update Magpie RSS to a newer version, you have to define a writeable cache-directory. In the Loudblog standard installation this is simply the audio folder. If you want another folder to store your RSS-Cache, you have to set its rights to “777” and assign the server path in as well as in