On Loudblog-Tags

Loudblog-Tags use a simple syntax that is xhtml-compatible and might me known from Textpattern. There are 4 types of Loudblog-Tags:

1. Plain Tags

These are simply replaced by a string or value from database or calculation.

Example: <lb:sitename />
Gets replaced with: My little Audioblog

Example: <lb:rssfeedhead />
Gets replaced with:
<link rel="alternate" type="application/rss+xml" title="Podcast-Feed" href="http://mydomain.com/podcast.php" />

2. Linking Tags

These consists of an opening part and a closing part. Just like in html. The opening part creates an <a href="xxx"> tag, the closing part returns simply </a>. For easier handling, Linking Tags always begin with link_. A Linking Tag can contain any kind of text or code, even other Loudblog-Tags, except for another instance of the identical Linking Tag.

Example: <lb:link_permalink>My first posting</lb:link_permalink>
Gets replaced with: <a href="index.php?show=44">My first posting</a>

3. Looping Tags

These describe content which should be repeated a certain number of times, while building the page. Just like Linking-Tags they have an opening and a closing part and may contain any kind of text or code, except for other instances of identical Looping Tags. They start with loop_.

Example: <lb:loop_postings number="5"> Code for a single posting goes here </lb:loop_postings>
Gets replaced with: Five postings.

4. Conditional Tags

These define content which only gets parsed if a certain condition is true. Of course they can contain any kind of code, except … you know! You can identify them easily as they start with if_.

Example: <lb:if_singleposting> Do some cool stuff here </lb:if_singleposting>
Gets replaced with: Do some cool stuff here (If only one posting was requested by URL)
Gets replaced with: nothing (If a list of postings was requested by URL)

5. Area Tags

These are tags that only define a specific section on a page. Currently they are used only for the commenting system.

Example: <lb:area_comments> Commenting stuff </lb:area_comments>