Installing Loudblog

To install Loudblog on your webspace you need to know

  • the access data of your MySQL account
  • how to upload files to a webspace
  • how to manipulate and save a text file
  • how to change the chmod-rights of a directory to “777”

(If you did not understand one of these – well, maybe you’ll ask your geek friend who’s always at home doing cool things online. Call him now. He is just waiting to help you.)

The steps to a successful Loudblog installation are:

  • Downloading the current official release from the download page.
  • Unzipping the file.
  • Uploading all files to the desired webspace using FTP or even geekier methods.
  • Opening a browser of your choice and running “install.php”.
  • Following the instructions there.

Now you want to know where your new website is located and how to login to the administration section. Let’s say you installed Loudblog on this URL:

Your login will simply be: