What is a Loudblog plugin?

A short introduction into Loudblog Plugin System

First of all, a Loudblog plugin is a PHP-file, which is situated in the loudblog/custom/plugins folder of your Loudblog-Installation.

Why do we need plugins?

Plugins extend the possibilities of Template Building. They are additional Loudblog-Tags, which can return any kind of data taken from database, file content or calculations.

What are the limitations?

Plugins do not affect the administration part of Loudblog. They are only useful for the presentational part of your website. If you plan to manipulate the back-end, you will have to write a hack.

Do I need a special filename?

No. Renaming the plugin-file won’t cause any effect. But if you are about to publish your plugin on the forum or elsewhere, you should think about a unique name that makes sense in a certain way.

Are there any examples?

Lots of! Have a look at the loudblog/inc/loudblogtags.php These are the official Loudblog Tags. They’re not different from plugins, except for their location on the server. Read the code and learn from it!