returns a certain number of postings

This is probably the most important Loudblog-Tag as it tells the system that some postings are to be displayed. The content between the opening and the ending tag defines the way the postings are displayed.

Simple usage

Some content goes here


<lb:loop_postings number="10" forceloop="true">
Some content goes here



The number of posting which we’d like to show.
Example: <lb:loop_postings number="8">  (shows 8 postings)
Default: 5

sort (Loudblog 0.6 and above)

Sorts postings after any useful criteria:

  • sort="title" (Alphabetical sorting)
  • sort="posted" (Date of posting)
  • sort="countall" (Total number of downloads)
  • sort="audio_length" (Length of attached audio file)

... and all other columns in lb_postings database table :-)

Example: <lb:loop_postings sort="title"> (Alphabetical listing of posting titles)
Default: posted


Are we sorting the postings in ascending or descending order?
Values: asc or desc
Example: <lb:loop_postings order="asc">  (shows postings in ascending order)
Default: desc


Shows the full amount of postings given by number, even if a permalink in the URL tells us to show just a single posting.
Values: true or false
Example: <lb:loop_postings forceloop="true">  (always shows a list)
Default: false


Defines whether the postings-list reacts to the “page=X”-attribut from URL.
Values: true or false
Examples: <lb:loop_postings paging="true">  (looks up for an list-offset given by URL)
Default: true

static (Loudblog 0.6 and above)

Ignore everything from the URL, just show the same list of postings and don’t listen to category, time or any other filters.

Example: <lb:loop_postings static="true">
Default: false